Cuckoo Crazy Lady

I feel like a mad scientist with all the creativity building up lately. I have literally laid awake a few nights with things rattling through my brain for sewing projects, craft ideas, going away brunch plans, coupon clipping, new recipes to try and on and on and on… It’s not really any wonder I’m up until 11:30 every night lately. There isn’t much I can get done when the kids are running about and being unable to focus on the task at hand leads to a very friendly relationship with the seam ripper, the garbage can, and escaped expletives.

My sewing projects have included, dresses, aprons, and crochet hook roll ups. I have a huge list of ideas in my head for new projects and orders I really really need to get to. My fingers veritably dance with longing to get to the machine but we’re so up to our eyeballs in family stuff right now that I have to put it off for two weeks. I just may collapse with anticipation to get started. Stay tuned for pics on those things.

I’ve also been researching and redesigning our humble little blog so that it is more fetching to the eye and the content has more appeal to bring you back on a regular basis. I’m hoping there is enough hodge podgity topics to be able to post at the very least once or twice a week. Fred installed a stat tracker so I can find out how often you are all opening the door to stop in for spell and how many new readers are coming through to gander in the barrel.

And last but not least, my friend Andrea has turned me into one of those bleary eye, paper cut laden cuckoo crazy coupon ladies!!! I have been building a supply and amassing printed deals. I like printing because it feels less wasteful as I’m only printing what we actually use. But somehow, when we go to the store and go through the register and out the yawning doors, I feel a little like a criminal. I feel like we just stole a huge amount and at any minute either the manager will come screaming after us or a cop will pull up and demand full payment for what we snuck through. So far our personal best has been about 89 bucks worth of groceries for the low low price of 22 dollars. AND it was all stuff we regularly use. I’ll be adding tips and links in the future to help cheer you on in this department as well.

Be sure to keep checking back and I’ll be adding links to blogs I frequent and also to the amazing friends I have in the blog world. It feels a bit like sending you on to the neighbors house for a cup of sugar or a a couple of eggs in a modern sort of way. And isn’t that a fantastic picture Fred took of me??

No Responses to “Cuckoo Crazy Lady”

  • Oh my word. I need coupon help. I’ve been on sites. I look through the papers. There’s never coupons for things we buy! Seriously. Help.

  • Sonya Mounts says:

    I’m a crazy coupon lady myself. Today I did HT triples–got $27 worth of groceries for $3 and change. That might be a personal best for me. It was all stuff we use (yogurt, etc.) since we’re moving out of our house in a few days and out of the city in five weeks.

  • Michelle says:

    If you can find me coupons for Benjamin’s food… I will be your best friend for life. His food alone easily equals half of the entire grocery bill. It’s ridiculous! His new favorite food are these crackers that are $4.79 a box and there are about… oh… maybe the equivalent of 3/4 sleeve of saltines.